Quantum Matter @ UCLA

The study of quantum matter has a long history at UCLA, dating back to breakthrough discoveries in understanding superfluid helium by the groups of Profs. Izzy Rudnick, Seth Putterman, and Gary Williams. One of the most remarkable demonstrations of this work is encapsulated in a video, hosted on this page, from the group of Izzy Rudnick. Izzy's skill as a physicist, was matched only by his ability to make clear, concise demonstration experiments that were as informative as they were entertaining. In this video, you will see the effects of quantum mechanics on the macroscopic scale -- you'll hear liquid helium boiling until it abruptly reaches the superfluid, and you'll see superfluid flow. We thank the Rudnick family for permission to host this video on our website and hope you enjoy this video as much as we do.

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Izzy Rudnick's award-winning superfluid helium video: